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mo-isom-cropped-_8795x-fixedMo Isom

Mo is most recognized for her unique athletic achievements. Not only is she a former All-American goalkeeper for the LSU Women’s Soccer team, she also received national attention as the first female to ever tryout for an SEC, Division I Men’s Football team.

While the athletic endeavor garnered national attention—including an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, ESPN, CBS, and countless other television, radio, and digital platforms—Isom’s focus and passion were derived from her desire to live boldly and pursue the stirrings of her heart, no matter the odds.

To date, she has spoken within the U.S. and internationally, to over 200 different organizations, churches, teams, and schools. She has also served over 2,200 total hours for various ministries, mission organizations, and volunteer programs. Her work has stretched from the homeless streets of Atlanta to the remote bush villages of Uganda to the impoverished slums of Costa Rica. Mo is passionate about serving communities, connecting with individuals, and sharing hope and light in a darkened world.

“The only thing more dangerous than allowing others to put limitations on what you can achieve, is allowing yourself to believe them.”

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Joel Hitchcock 

Joel Hitchcock is an internationally recognized evangelist who has traveled the world and ministered to crowds of over 500,000 people. Joel initially started his ministry career as a chaplain during his military service in the South African Army. He then began traveling as an itinerant revivalist to more than forty different countries of the world.

I first met Scott Mason a few years back while he was a student at a discipleship training school in Asheboro, NC. Soon afterwards, I had the joy of spending some time with him for a full week during a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. During this time, I was impressed by his humble, yet strong attitude towards life, and his love for God. After that, I met Ashley. One could tell that Scott and Ashley were a beautiful couple that God had placed together to accomplish a great work for Him! At that time, I did not know which direction their ministry would go, but I knew that whatever they did, it would be done with a spirit of excellence and passion. Then one day, I saw a picture of Scott holding a sign saying that his passion was to stop human trafficking. Today, Scott and Ashley are working to add action to that passion, bringing reality to their dream.

As a young missionary (about Scott’s age at the time) I traveled by motorcycle from Johannesburg towards Mount Kilimanjaro. Though I crossed many mountains, rivers, and borders, I did not make it to Kilimanjaro. I had run out of money, and God had a different plan for me—so I spent my time in Dar es Salaam—where I preached almost every night for two weeks. Now, more than twenty years later, Scott, Ashley, and their team want to bring awareness to the age old, yet modern evil of human trafficking. What does the victim of human trafficking look like? There is no typical profile, except that they are all susceptible to some sort of vulnerability. We might not know what those vulnerabilities are, nor how to fix them. And if we do know the cure, will our efforts make any difference in a world so deluged with this kind of evil?

I do believe that we can identify the vulnerabilities and offer solutions. In response to those who ask if our efforts may make any difference, I do believe that an old saying still holds true today: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.* Yet another adage says, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one”.**

It is my prayer that God will grant Scott, Ashley, and their team great success in this passion of theirs.”
*Edmund Burke
**Mother Theresa