Standing For Freedom


Standing_For_Freedom25Name: Joshua Goodman
Age: 42
Birth Place: Florida

“Alrighty everybody, Pastor Josh Goodman here . . . let me kick off by saying how excited I am for the opportunity to be a partner on this mission! Here is just a little bit about myself. I was raised on the foreign mission field of Haiti swinging a 12 lb. sledgehammer, putting up crusade tents for nightly revival meetings, seeing blind eyes healed, deaf ears opened, the demon possessed set free, and the great and mighty hand of our God at work.

I was married to the love of my life at the age of twenty, and we now have six children. As a family, we have lived and ministered in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. As a man, I have had the opportunity to minister the love of Jesus all over the world by raising leaders in Communist China, building churches among the unreached in Thailand, bringing emergency relief to devastated countries, and delivering the hope that is the Gospel to those who had none.”

Quick facts about Joshua:

  • A perfect day includes sun, surf, and the board.
  • Cheeseburgers are the best!
  • I wanna live life like I only get one.

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