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Standing_For_Freedom20Name: Lisa Fragas
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Birth Place:
Belmond, Iowa

“Greetings, my name is Lisa Fragas, and I am a God-lover to the nth degree! I came to know Christ in a personal way when I was at the ripe old age of eleven at a Billy Graham Crusade in Albuquerque, NM. My parents, a brother and sister, and I all went forward to receive Jesus as Lord of our lives in the summer of 1977. Now that we all know how old I am, let’s move on. 

I traveled on the foreign mission field with my parents to the wonderful country of Guatemala when I was 13 and 14 years old. We would drive back and forth between Central America and the Midwest USA; hence, we became very familiar with Mexico as a result! Missions has been an underlying current in my life ever since becoming born again. Travel is inherently in my bones, and my parents sure were great about giving us the opportunity to do so.

My life has been replete with many “earlies.” I graduated from high school at 15, received a degree in cosmetology at 16, married my amazing husband at 16, achieved a degree as an instructor of cosmetology at 17, had our first child at 18, owned my first business at 18, etc.

Bryan and I have two amazing children: Brooke and Ashley (whom you may have read about in this section as well). They are both married and have given us so many more to love including two wonderful sons, grandchildren, and granddogs. 

Since 1995, I have served as our Senior Pastor’s secretary, and I consider that quite an honor. Pastor Emory and Vickie Goodman have been so very instrumental in the Fragas Family’s life and mine in particular. Bryan and I are currently on the cusp of retiring from civilian life and moving to the Dominican Republic to continue the call of God on our lives. 

I have long had a passion in my heart for the lost, hurting, underprivileged, and abused. It is a goal of mine to see people come to a place of victory, fulfillment, and godliness in their lives.” 

Quick facts about Lisa:

  • I have so many passions: missions, playing piano, coffee, family, friends, social media, designing websites, computers, great coffee w/ great friends, discipleship, languages, superb coffee w/ superb friends, fun, excitement, travel, and coffee.
  • I have aspirations of being an instrument of healing; I can see it.
  • Creating beautiful things brings me great joy and a sense of fulfillment.